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Hanging Christmas lights with Thor Spirit.

Brother is up on the ladder hanging the lights. he hands the hammer down to me

me:-holds hammer up in the air- (in best Chris Hemsworth voice) for Asgard!

brother: -facepalm-

me: you are no match for the might Thor!

brother: stop…

me: -points hammer at him- you listen here brother….

brother: quit fucking around and give me the hammer

me: you cannot harness this power! -gives him hammer-

A few minutes later he drops the hammer into the bushes

me: -holds out hand- hammer!

brother: -stares-

me: give it a minute….-shakes hand and stands still,holding hand out still-

brother: you’re an idiot….

me: If you want I can be Loki,but then I’ll be shoving the ladder over ever 5 minutes.


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